A 15th century stronghold house, redesigned in the 18th century 115 km from Paris near Orléans Forest - ref 310221

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Referenznummer 310221
Kaufpreis 649.000,00 €
Stadt 45000 Orléans
Land Frankreich
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Kategorie Haus
Zimmer 12.0
Wohnfläche ca. 476,00 m²
Grundstücksfläche ca. 32.282,00 m²

A 15th century stronghold house, redesigned in the 18th century 115 km from Paris near Orléans Forest.
115 km from Paris and 30 minutes from Orléans-Les-Aubrais train station with approx. 60-minute links to the French capital, in a town with all shops and doctors as well as infant and junior schools.
The entrance to this property, near to the centre of the village, is marked by corner towers set in the brick perimeter wall. Once through the gates, the courtyard is bordered by water-filled moats on the west side and walled on the right-hand side. Straight in front is the main building. Behind it are a wide, lawned esplanade and a swimming pool, followed by a wood, all constituting the propertys parklands.
The stronghold houseThe south facade of the building faces the courtyard. The east section of the building, which appears to date from the 15th century, is made of brick whilst the quoins and lintels are of stone. It is possible to see that the facade has been redesigned several times using recuperated bricks. What was the main entrance features a wide semi-circular arched opening. The recently redone, slate roof features a regular series of shed dormers.
In the centre of the building, a recent, new brick extension similarly extends the roof and the shed dormers at the same height despite being taller due to the lie of the land. Straight stone steps lead to a landing and the entrance door for this section.
On the west side, forming a gable wall facing the water-filled moats, the building is old and constructed from brick. The modern rendering covering them integrates the rows of bricks ensuring continuity with the rest of the facade. This section of the building being higher, it includes a first floor and a slate roof.
The facade overlooking the parklands reveals more old and contemporary transformations. Three doors have been added, providing access to the recent terrace and to the parklands. They are framed with brick, cement and painted quarry stone blocks. One of them has been crudely closed on the inside. The slate roof features two recent shed dormers, an older one cutting into the eaves as on the other facade, as well as contemporary skylights. It is possible to distinguish the mark of what must have been the drawbridge opening, subsequently transformed into just a doorway.
A third corner tower, closing the east side, has been preserved and given a flat roof.
Visually constituting a single building, it is currently divided on the inside into three separate areas: the main section, a self-contained dwelling and the caretakers accommodation.

Ground floor
In accordance with the actual owners wishes, the house is entered via a vestibule laid out on the right-hand side of the semi-circular opening. Two toilets have recently been installed in this section. A hall area opens on the right-hand side into a large lounge with a wide fireplace. An opening has been made in order to provide access to the corner tower, the ground floor of which is set out as a semi-professional kitchen with all necessary electrical equipment. Steps lead up to the first floor of the tower, transformed into a games room.
Double, sliding doors on the left-hand side of the entrance hall open into a second large lounge with a fireplace. A corner stairway goes up to the attic space. This main section of the ground floor has recent, solid oak wood parquet flooring throughout and has been converted to comply with current day standards for disabled persons.
Another entrance on the north facade provides access to the caretakers accommodation. An entrance hall leads right to a first bedroom, followed by a shower room with a toilet. A lounge with a fireplace is straight on and, on the left-hand side, is a kitchen, followed by a hall area leading to a second bedroom, overlooking the moats, and to a ...

Anzahl der Schlafzimmer: 10, Bundesland: Centre-Val de Loire

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