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SHRV APARTMENT 1 (TOWN HOUSE) in 24Std bew, Anlage nur 11 817.-

335 € Kaltmiete
25,00 m² Wohnfläche
1 Zimmer
Kaltmiete 335 €(zzgl. Nebenkosten)
Kaution MM
Gewerblich Bad mit Dusche, Bad mit Fenster eigene Wasserversorgung, städtische Stromversorgung Empfang, Kamera, Pförtner Fliesenboden Holzfenster kontrollierte Be- und Entlüftungsanlage provisionsfrei renoviert rollstuhlgerecht, seniorengerechtes Wohnen Stellplatz voll möbliert ...
Immobilie abf4fc18
Online-ID 2sdal4u
Referenznummer 36 Town House1
Objekttyp Reihenendhaus
Kategorie Haus
Bezugsfrei ab sofort
Zimmer 1.0
Wohnfläche 25,00 m²
Nutzfläche ca. 30,00 m²
Baujahr 2002
Bad mit Dusche, Bad mit Fenster
Böden: Fliesenboden
Ausstattung: voll möbliert
kontrollierte Be- und Entlüftungsanlage
rollstuhlgerecht, seniorengerechtes Wohnen
Sicherheitstechnik: Empfang, Kamera, Pförtner
Energie & Versorgung
Ausstattung & Merkmale eigene Wasserversorgung, städtische Stromversorgung

Insider tip Philippines The island of Cebu, on which the thethermo / Philippines facilities are located, has the second largest and most beautiful airport in the Philippines and is directly served by numerous airlines from Europe. An arduous Inselhopping on remote islands is thus eliminated. Cebu / City a city of millions, is easily accessible from all capitals in the world. Climate: The island of Cebu is located in the province of Visayas. There is a different climate than on the mainland or in the provinces of Luzon or Mindanao. There is no pure rainy season here. Although most precipitation falls in percentage terms in the month of November, the island has a pleasant climate throughout the year. From July to about January the monsoon wind blows. During this time, the waves are pleasant. It usually rains mostly at night. From February to June the trade winds blow. This is the mostly dry, hot time. The sea is calmer and the wind blows the sand back to the back of the bay. Even with natural disasters, such as typhoons, earthquakes, etc., is not to be expected here. Hurricanes usually pass Cebu and the bay is well protected by the offshore house reef. Visa and vaccination: For stays of up to 30 days no visa is required. Vaccinations are not required. CEBU is malaria free! Annoying insects, such. As mosquitoes, there are rare in our marine facilities. Prices and livelihoods: After the euro in the Philippines is worth more than 45% more than in Germany, it can live fantastically cheap for Europeans. It is similar to Spain 30 years ago. This fact is reinforced by the low prices (1 liter of gas 0.50 €) and wages (housekeeper 60 €). Tip: German-speaking complex EL-PARADISO on White Beach for emigrants and those seeking relaxation. Here is the link for Google Earth.

Stadt 6023 Guiwang,Alcoy,Cebu
Straße Guiwang, Alcoy, Cebu
Land Philippinen

Single corner house? with terrace ? 24 hours guarded facility ? Only approx. ? Thai restaurant ? Beach bar ? Tower coffee shop ? Dive station ? Excursion boat ? On request use of swimming pool . abf4fc18
228 Aufrufe online seit 30.11.2019 Verstoß melden

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Herr Jürgen Rilling
Sola Homes Retirement Village Inc.
6023 Alcoy