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Huge Furnished Apartment

2.820 € Kaltmiete
219,00 m² Wohnfläche
6 Zimmer
Kaltmiete 2.820 €
Nebenkosten 650 €
Heizkosten (Heizkosten in Nebenkosten enthalten)
Warmmiete 3.470 €
Kaution 8460 €
3 Stellplätze , je 120 €
Gewerblich Altbau (bis 1945), renoviert Bad mit Wanne, Gäste-WC Einbauküche Fernwärme Gartenmitbenutzung Terrasse voll möbliert Zentralheizung ...
Immobilie a730e9ff
Online-ID 2whgd45
Objekttyp Apartment
Kategorie Wohnung
Geschoss Erdgeschoss
Bezugsfrei ab 01.11.2020
Zimmer 6.0
Wohnfläche 219,00 m²
Bad mit Wanne, Gäste-WC
Ausstattung: voll möbliert
Zustand: Altbau (bis 1945), renoviert
Baujahr 1901
Energie & Versorgung
Energieträger Fernwärme
Heizungsart Zentralheizung
Energieausweistyp Bedarfsausweis
Gebäudetyp Wohngebäude
Baujahr laut Energieausweis 1901
Endenergiebedarf 156,40 kWh/(m²*a)
Gültigkeit bis

Did you always want to live in a castle? Not out in the countryside, but in one of the most lively suburbs in all of Berlin, surrounded by parks, a waterfall and cafés and public transport? Here's your chance.


The apartment is fully furnished. Fully-Equipped kitchen with induction stove, 4 bedrooms, two full bathrooms. The living room, dining room and kitchen are one huge room - about 100m2. The apartment has its own huge terrace and direct access to the 2500m2 private park shared with a few dozen other tenants in the estate.

The Castle has 4 apartments altogether and the owners live on the Belle Etage, above the ground floor offered here. All the tenants of the Castle have children and we all appreciate our peace and quiet, so only low-noise tenants will be considered for the space. Shared home ("WGs") or subletting situations will not be considered. The space cannot be used primarily as an office, although of course the tenants themselves can work in their own home.


The best of Kreuzberg, one of Berlin's most prized inner city suburbs. Only a few minutes by underground (2 stations are just 8 minutes by foot away) from the geographic centre of town. And adjoining the wonderful Viktoria Park with waterfall and monument and more. Although close to parks and supermarkets and cafés, the street is quiet and the old growth trees full of birds.

Stadt 10965 Berlin

Anzahl Terrassen: 1 a730e9ff
238 Aufrufe online seit 01.08.2020 Verstoß melden

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