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FAMEGO - Do you want to be a part of a book project, which can inspire you as a reader, and encourage you as a writer?

We are proud to introduce Famego – a no limit book project! Famego is a book project we have come up with, which helps people in publishing whatever content they have, and whatever they want the world to see. Famego can provide you with an exceptional blend of special and normal content to read.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to publish whatever you want, and become a part of this project. Famego features ‘No Limit’ feature, which allows people to publish anything they might have in their minds, through a proper medium and an effective platform.

So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of Famego today, and showcase your talent to the world!

Publication date expected to 01 October 2017

Deadlines for authors: The booked content must be made available to us latest on 31/May/2017. Content not delivered on time are printed with a placeholder set by the editorial board. Please send your content in printable quality to: service@famego.com

Language English, Spanish, French, German, Italian or any other language. You can even define the language in which the contents should be displayed. We prefer English – however, this is not mandatory. If the content is not submitted in English, please send us an additional English translation, so that we can review the content.

Formats The book format 17 x 22 cm (170 x 220 mm) (6.692913386 inches x 8.661417323 inches) 

Contents: You can publish whatever you want as long as it does not violate our terms. The contents are declared as advertising.

Requirements for the contents:
- The content may not infringe the rights of third parties.
- It should not infringe the intellectual property rights and personal rights of third parties.
- No right-wing extremist, sexual or violent content or content which violates religious honor may be published.
- Only content from people who are clearly identified with a valid identity document will be published.
- You must be of legal age.
- You are liable for the content as author!
- German law shall apply.


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