Speak business English like an American

<p>For better or worse, the American workplace is full of idioms. People don't begin a project. They GET A PROJECT OFF THE GROUND. They don't call each other to discuss progress. They TOUCH BASE. Later, if the project is not going well, they don't end it. They PULL THE PLUG. <br/>
Speak Business English Like An American covers over 350 idioms and expressions you're likely to encounter in today's business world. Familiarize yourself with all of them. When they come up in conversation, you'll be prepared to respond confidently instead of becoming silent while thinking to yourself, What's he talking about? Sales WENT THROUGH THE ROOF? What roof? As you're asking yourself these questions, the conversation is continuing without you. Suddenly you're left behind. Before you know it, you're out of the loop. Using idioms will make you sound more like a native speaker.ker.<br/>
- Talking about a new project.<br/>
- Talking about financial issues.<br/>
- Discussing a new ad campaign.<br/>
- Talking about manufacturing.<br/>
- Talking about company strategy.<br/>
- Discussing good results.<br/>
- Discussing bad results.<br/>
- Discussing a difficult decision.<br/>
- Dealing with a dissatisfied customer.<br/>
- Discussing a difficult request.<br/>
- Motivating co-workers.<br/>
- Running a meeting.<br/>
- Discussing a mistake <br/>
- Taking credit for good results.<br/>
- Shifting blame.<br/>
- Politely disagreeing with someone.<br/>
- Telling somebody off.<br/>
- Discussing office scandals.<br/>
- Complaining about a co-worker.<br/>
- Talking about a brown noser.<br/>
- Explaining that you're feeling overworked.<br/>
- Calling in sick.<br/>
- Requesting a bank loan.<br/>
- Negotiating a purchase.<br/>
- Conducting a performance review.<br/>
- Promoting an employee.<br/>
- Firing somebody.<br/>
- Job Interview 1<br/>
- Job Interview 2<br/>
- Negotiating a salary offer.<br/>
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