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Social Distortion - Story Of My Life - 4CD Set Mike Ness - 4cd S

Social Distortion - Story Of My Life - 4CD Set Mike Ness - 4cd

Social Distortion - Story Of My Life - 4CD Set Mike Ness
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Prison Bound Demos These are the songs which were recorded between Mommys Little Monster and Prison Bound. They sound completely different compared to the Prison Bound LP. They are far more punkrock, and less country. Imagine the Prison Bound Record in “Mommys Little Monster” version. If you like the first SxDx record, you will love this. Tracklist: CD 1 - 1. i want what i want CD 1 - 2. indulgence CD 1 - 3. mass hysteria CD 1 - 4. on my nerves CD 1 - 5. lawless Good sound quality, B+ White Light, White Heat, White Trash Demos „The lost Social Distortion“ record. 11 Songs, studio quality. These songs were recorded between “Somew Between Heaven and Hell” and “White Light, White Heat, White Trash”. The songs are more “Country”, and less “Punkrock”. Mike Ness didn’t release this record, for what reason ever. are the songs, complete new sound, and slightly different lyrics. “ Tracklist: CD 1 - 6. love me tonight CD 1 - 7. crown of thorns CD 1 - 8. like you have never done before CD 1 - 9. lost and found CD 1 - 10. got nothing comin CD 1 - 11. do it again CD 1 - 12. dope fiend blues CD 1 - 13. i am in love with my car CD 1 - 14. cant hide CD 1 - 15. don’t drag me down CD 1 - 16. don’t keep me haning on perfect quality! A++ 1980 – 1982 Demos Very good sound quality for such old songs, and great recordings. They were recorded before “Mommys Little Monster” and the “Hell comes to your house” Sampler. They sound even rougher than the first record. Tracklist CD 2 - 1. all the answers CD 2 - 2. lude boy CD 2 - 3. mainliner CD 2 - 4. moral threat CD 2 - 5. orange county jail CD 2 - 6. playpen CD 2 - 7. telling them Very good quality! B+ Other Demos and Promo Songs Interesting songs, only released on rare Social Distortion Promo CDs, or never released. (Tainted Love, Company C). The song „Company C“ is one of greatest Social Distortion Songs I ever heard. Tracklist: CD 2 - 8. alone and forsaken (promo) CD 2 - 9. ready for love (promo) CD 2 - 10. shame on me (promo) CD 2 - 11. it’s all over now (promo) CD 2 - 12. pretty thing (promo) CD 2 - 13. bad luck (from somew between heaven and hell promo tape) CD 2 - 14. tainted love (unreleased cover song) CD 2 - 15. death or glory (clash cover song) CD 2 - 16. shame on me (version 2004) CD 2 - 17. company c (unreleased track) All great quality! A+ SxDx / Mike Ness featuring The Ramones coversong is all right, but nothing special. The duet with Eddie Vedder is awesome. Quality is almost as good as on a official live record. Tracklist: CD 2 - 18. ball and chain (with eddie vedder)
CD 2 - 19. monday morning (with eddie vedder)
CD 2 - 20. sweet virginia (with eddie vedder)
CD 2 - 21. blitzkrieg bop (with the offspring) Unreleased Accoustic Recordings This part of the record is unbelievable! CD 3 - 1. Prison Bound
Best version of this song, ever. It sounds very realistic, like he recorded it in prison. CD 3 - 2. Making Belive
Unplugged version of this punkrock classic. CD 3 - 3. Don’t Think Twice
I think this version of the song is even better, than on the Mike Ness solo record. Sounds a lot rougher. CD 3 - 4. The Ballad Of A Lonley Man
At the beginning, Mike Ness explains that he wanted Johnny Cash to sing this song. CD 3 - 5. My Gal Treats Me Mean
Unreleased Song, funny lyrics.
CD 3 - 6. Folsom Prison Blues
Nice Mike Ness interpretation of this Johnny Cash classic.
CD 3 - 7. Ball and Chain
Great unplugged Version of this song. CD 3 - 8. Lonesome Train
Great Song, also unreleased
CD 3 - 9. Bad Luck
Unreleased unplugged Version of this Social D. classic. CD 3 - 10. Reach For The Sky Sounds unplugged as good as plugged. That great, that it should have been released on record.
CD 3 - 11. Story Of My Life Punkrock classic as acoustic version. CD 3 - 12. Prison Bound
Another different version of this unplugged..

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