Armytek Wizard Magnet USB + 18650 LED Taschenlampe

 Amazingly powerful multi-flashlight with 1 250 LED lm brightness powered by only one 18650 Li-Ion battery.

 Rechargeable flashlight with magnet USB charger.

 TIR optics with light angles 70°:120° for wide light without a “tunnel vision” effect.

 Easy operation and 6 convenient brightness modes.

 Due to a side switch button you can operate the multi-flashlight easily with one hand without shifting it aside.

 Compact and light-weight but at the same time durable and multi-functional flashlight.

 Record runtimes – up to 100 days of operation on one battery.

 Magnet in the tailcap, removable clip for fixation on a belt and flat tailcap for vertical standing.

 Complete correspondence to the highest standards of durability and reliability: the multi-flashlight easily withstands fallings,impacts and vibrations.

Battery is included in the package.​ a087eb91
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