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Put your feet up, and relax at what’s got to be one of the most sociable TLDs available. One of the big attractions of a Pub-domain is its versatility. It draws in people and organizations involved in the hospitality and ancillary industries.

Pubs, at their heart, are sociable places. There are regulars and first timers, passers-by and the Publicans themselves. They are often considered one of the hearts of a neighborhood, along with the local church, store, school and sports ground. They are immortalized in literature, film and TV and bring people together to celebrate births, death and marriages as well as sporting events, birthdays and musical gigs. There’s food too. Some of the best Pubs double as some of the best restaurants – and the Gastro Pub is a growing feature in many big cities worldwide.

As social places, Pubs also make the most of social networks. From listings and promotions, to reviews and openings, Pubs use the Internet to get the word out to their network of fans, who in turn, spread it to their friends. And now, your local has a local on the Internet, a new place to spread the buzz, talk to their customers and grow their business.

The new Pub-Domain raises the bar online for “Public houses” everywhere offline.

Reasons for moving to a Pub-Domain:
 -The new Pub-domain is the perfect space online for Publicans to promote their business, get closer to their customers, and brand themselves in a stand
 -out way that speaks to the tradition, offerings and atmosphere that their customers love.

A Pub-Domain:
• Instantly identifies you as a Pub
• Reaches out to a wider audience ab3ec486
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