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Hello there, my name is Marion. I am a translator for English, Italian and Dutch.

You are looking for a competent, reliable translator with many years of job experience, who prepares for you even difficult translations at a price which is adequate but also specially tailored to your texts and your purse? Then you have come to the right person.

Here some examples: since 1991 work as a freelance translator in Münster/Germany, in several fields (i.e. psychiatric expertises, advertising brochures for hotels, texts about non-destructive testing, translation of subtitles for a documentary film into Italian, purchase contract for an american breeding puppy, lending contract for works of art between museums on an international basis,  firefighting operations report, translation of english and american short stories (SF/Fantasy) into german, member of the Literary Translators Society, texts about medical examinations and corresponding findings, juridical texts, contract terminology in general,  and many more.

School Education

1969-1978: Werner-von- Siemens Secondary School, Gronau.
June 1978: Final Secondary School Examinations

University Education

October 1978: Commencement of Language Studies (English and Italian) at the University of the Saarland for diploma graduation

March 1984: : Final diploma examinations (except thesis)

January - August 1986: Preparation of thesis.

August 1986: Thesis submitted and approved, diploma received

September 1986 : Commencement of work as a copywriter on a freelance basis für Acoustic Martin Arnhold GmbH. in Saarbrücken. Work as a radio voive-over advertiser.

April 1987: Commencement of work on a freelance basis as a translator for American and English SF/Fantasy short stories for Bastei-Lübbe-Verlag (German publisher).

November 1987 - December 1990: work as a sworn translator for English and Italian for courts of justice and notaries in the Saarland region; translation work in general in the fields of economics, law and technology.

Activities as a translator after this date: see above

Hope to hear from you soon!
Price per line: Let``s make a deal!

Best regards

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