Plextor PX px-tv402u ConvertX PVR Personal Video Recorder

DivX zertifiziert PVR aufnehmen von bis zu drei Mal mehr-Videos ohne Qualitätsverlust

Integrierter TV-Tuner für höchste Qualität Video und Pause und Time Shift bei Live TV

Ulead VideoStudio 8 DVD-Authoring-Software im Lieferumfang enthalten

Give your XP or Win2k PC media center functionality with the ConvertX PVR from Plextor. This external box has an NTSC tuner for standard cable or over the air reception. It also has NTSC, PAL and SECAM encoders for video capture so you can record video from many sources.

The PVR functionality lets you watch, pause and record live TV all without paying service fees. Integrated DVD authoring and burning functionality makes it easy to take discs of your favorite programs with you when you travel. You can also use this feature to edit and record home movies for the holidays.


Hardware Video Encoding The Plextor PX-TV402U-NA features a powerful hardware encoding chip to record analog video in high-quality DVD or other popular digital video formats without occupying CPU resources.

DivX-certified PVR The DivX-certified Plextor PX-TV402U-NA supports recording video in the DivX format providing the ability to record 3 times as much video as normal without sacrificing quality.

S-Video and Composite Input Support The Plextor PX-TV402U-NA features built-in S-Video, Composite video, and RCA audio inputs for broad compatibility with various video devices, such as DVD players, VHS players and TV sets.

Multi-format Conversion With the Plextor PX-TV402U-NA, convert your video resource into high-quality DVD (MPEG-2), SVCD, or VCD (MPEG-1) format for video watching on your home theater system, or into MPEG-4 format for on-the-go entertainment on a portable media player such as your PSP and iPod.

High Speed USB 2.0 Interface The high speed USB 2.0 interface delivers up to 480Mbps bandwidth to facilitate real-time DVD encoding and provides hot-swappable, plug-and-play capabilities for convenient connections to your computer. a0a325a0
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