Peak Starpex Holz-Gitarre für Guitar Hero & Rock Band (PS2/PS3)

Trenne mich von diesem hochwertigen Gitarren-Controller für Guitar Hero und Rockband etc.
Die Gitarre kommt in der Originalverpackung und wurde wirklich kaum genutzt (schätze mal ca. 10 Sessions...wenn überhaupt)

Hier ein Auszug von der Herstellerseite:
Full Size Wood Guitar Controller for PS2® / PS3®
Compatible with Guitar Hero™ and Rock Band™!

High quality 10 - button design for enhanced responsiveness
Instrument quality wood body, neck and headstock
High speed 2.4 ghz wireless technology
Optional cable for wired connectivity (included)
Easy access starpower / overdrive button
Improved whammy bar for easier access and durability
Modular design allows for alternate body styles
Guitar strap and 3 premium AA batteries Included


Press Release

Boston, MA– July 16th, 2008 - Peak Products, a gaming peripheral company dedicated to providing the best in instrument quality gaming controllers, announces Starpex, the first-ever full-size, wood, PS2™ / PS3™ Guitar controller with the look and feel of an actual guitar. Starpex boasts an instrument-quality, high-gloss lacquered finish with a hardwood body, neck, and headstock handcrafted by a leading guitar manufacturer giving the authentic guitar experience that Guitar Hero™ and Rock Band™ enthusiasts crave.

This is such a cool guitar, it's enough to pull me away from my favorite US online casino site and go buy a Starpex. And that's saying a lot. According to my girlfriend I spend more time every evening checking out online poker tournaments and playing Caribbean Hold'Em Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, or Caribbean Draw Poker than I spend watching a Netflix movie with her. Now my strategy is to get her enthusiastic about playing online poker as well. There are enough free play games, so she doesn't have to worry about losing any money. I think she enjoys free online slot games, but would rather watch a flic than play. Perhaps, I can get her involved with Guitar Hero and we could then have some fun duals. Who am I kidding! Well, a fellow can dream.

One thing the two of do enjoy doing together is skiing. This past Christmas my girlfriend gave me a terrific North Face thermoball jacket. According to the packaging this is the ultimate all-weather, do-it-all mid weight jacket. The ThermoBall insulation, which is just as compressible as down and insulates even when wet is perfect for skiing as well as for shoveling snow out of the drive and taking out the garbage in the middle of winter. Because it is not one of those fat, puffy winter jackets, it's also easy to sling my guitar carrying case over my shoulder when I go over to a friends to play Guitar Hero. Love the jacket. Thanks, Gilly.

Other unique features include…

Full Guitar Hero and Rockband Functionality for PS2 and PS3
Starpex is compatible with both PS2 and PS3, and allows users to experience the full list of game play features in both Guitar Hero and Rockband, including toggle effects switch and solo button functionality.
Unique Speed Star Power / Overdrive Button provides the fastest and most accurate access to Star Power and Overdrive. Additionally, built in tilt sensor technology allows users to access Star Power and Overdrive in a more traditional way.
Optimized Whammy Bar maximizes comfort, provides better feel, reduces fatigue and provides a higher level of durability.
High Quality Ten Fret Button Design features optimal button travel for enhanced feel, reduced fatigue, and higher score potential. Ten fret buttons means that players have the option of using traditionally positioned fret buttons, or rock out with solo buttons high up on the neck which also provide critical soloing capabilities in Rockband.
Enhanced Strum Bar gives the perfect balance of tactile and audible feedback to maximize enjoyment and scoring.
Connectivity Options – Dual wired / wireless capabilities allow players to use a 15’ wired cable or a 2.4 Ghz wireless connection (both included).
Forward - Thinking Compatibility
Starpex’s modular design allows users to easily separate the electronic components from the body of the guitar which will allow for further customization including new guitar bodies, pick guards, and more. a07f10dc
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